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About The Builder

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We are Walker Anderson Homes, a family-owned and operated home builder located North of Atlanta. Our team takes pride in building quality homes for your price range in excellent locations, because to us every home is an opportunity to bring happiness to another family. 


Growing up in a family of generational builders, building homes is in our blood. We are honored to continue our family's legacy and long-standing tradition of building well-designed homes at a great value for our customers. Our various product lines and generational knowledge give us the ability to serve a diverse number of communities and families across the Greater Atlanta area and beyond. 


Here at Walker Anderson, our favorite part of our job is seeing an idea on paper become a reality. We strive to attend to every small detail in what makes a house a home; from designing competent floorplans with little to no wasted space, to researching and implementing the latest design trends. 


We hope to expand Walker Anderson Homes, further providing efficient and innovative homes to more and more families across the Atlanta area. 


We invite you to tour of our Walker Anderson Properties and hope you love our homes as much as we do. 



The Walker Anderson Team 

David Anderson Bowen, Reese Walker Van Beber, and Ally Beth Bowen Van Beber 

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